Anciennement -89 Promenade des Arts Gallery- now -THE VVdM Art Collection Gallery- pour l investment et for art lovers. VVdM Art Gallery Collection.

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The artists in the « VVdM gallery » collection are all acclaimed in Europe for their great creative talent. VVdM offers an important selection of only top-quality creations by highly reputed WESTERN ARTISTS and certifies the authenticity of each piece, thus ensuring VALUE with every purchase.

Representing internationally and highly recognised western artists and their art works in our collection, "89 Promenade Des Arts Gallery" also devotes support to the new generation and promising artists by promoting their art works all over the world.

The work of a collector/"gallery" owner involves, giving a chance to other art collectors to collect masters’ art pieces as discovering and promoting the Picassos of tomorrow, long before they achieve international recognition. Intuition, backed by an intimate knowledge of the art market and the artists themselves, is vital to the process.

Collecting European/Western art works is a great way to DECORATE your home or office with timeless and PRECIOUS PIECES, as well as one of the best INVESTMENTS that can also be passed down for generations.

VVdM’s experience and knowledge of the art market will assist you in making a wise purchasing decision you will not regret !

Valéry Vauban-de-Montaudon and his staff are at your disposal for any complementary and confidential information you may require. You are invited to appreciate, as well as to collect VVdM’s MASTERPIECES in his art gallery-concept which includes fine art as interior decoration and represents Art as a LIFESTYLE !


Our Specialities:

- Paintings
- Works on paper ~ drawings, etchings, photographs etc.
- Sculptures
- Limited art editions
(History/Definition of the ART EDITION: click here)
- Lifestyle ~ ceramics, tapestries/rugs, furniture, etc.






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